Plays Noël Akchoté

by Aliocha Thevenet



Noël Akchoté recorded and released more than 50 albums this past summer (2015). Each one being dedicated to a composer or an interpreter. Some have only a few tunes on them, some have more that 50. I can't say I've listen to all of them, but I did spend quite some time with this music over the summer ...

Most of the music was recorded in short sessions and released on BandCamp almost immediately, sometime the same day it was recorded. It's a very interesting and surprising process … inspiring too.

So when N.A. started posting online, charts for his own compositions, I decided to work on a "Plays Noel Akchoté" following the same 'quick' process he used ...

Practicing and recording in the same breath was the 'easy' and fun part : I took two afternoon while on holiday at my parents -with limited gear- to work on 7 compositions from the Akchoté songbook, plus a cover from one of his heroine, that was cool !

My process -due to limited time- was to follow the initial idea for each tune, and record right away the initial impulse, without much reflexion or planning, it's more a matter of listening to what your instinct tells you and go with it. Surprisingly it worked all but one time : one tune was discarded after 10 minutes of recording the initial idea … but a second concept came right away, as a response to the previous one, and worked in one take.

Now it's time to release what was recorded. Without taking the time to think, listen over and over again to the music, without taking the time to get insecure about your work, to ditch it, then come back to it few weeks/months later, re-mix stuff, etc before you finally decide it's ok to share it with the world ... or throw it away for ever. That's the terrifying part for me, my last album was recorded 9 months before it's released, so you can imagine it's not a natural process for me… but that was the challenge, and so here it is :

"Plays Noël Akchoté" recorded August 24 and 27, 2015, released August 29th.


released August 29, 2015

all songs written by Noël Akchoté
Publishing : Noël Akchoté Downloads

except "Come Into My World" written by Rob Davis and Cathy Dennis for Kylie Minogue

engeneered and performed by A.T.



all rights reserved


Aliocha Thevenet London, UK

make sounds with guitars

has been heard with:
-Kuljit Bhamra
-Andy Sheppard
-Noël Akchoté
-Jocelyn Brown
-Alex Webb
-Lois Le Van
-Jay Scott & The Find
-Ramon Goose
-Who Are The People
-Laura Dee
-Oriana Curls
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-Orli Nyles
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-Bukky Leo
-Ray Sandoval
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